Frida Rosenberg


This is me: I am mostly a PhD student in history and theory at KTH School of Architecture where I also teach, for the moment in Studio #4. In the studio project: Living in the Fast Lane, the students battle an area of 2km along the highway E4 between Kista and Sollentuna. My thesis traces the re-introduction of steel in building construction in order to add to the stories of how dominant stakeholders had a say in domestic policy in postwar Sweden and in particular how these alliances affected the built environment. Beyond this I also enjoy arranging lectures, being on various and numerous committees, turning our apartment into two and drafting building permits: I think I like to juggle various practices.

Olga Bannova


I am a PhD student at the Architectural department at Chalmers University and a researcher and teacher at the Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture (SICSA) of the University of Houston.

I conduct research and design studies that address planning analyses for a broad range of vehicles, habitats, and systems and based on multi-disciplinary approach including habitat concepts for extreme environments on Earth, inflatable and other deployable structures, and special design influences and requirements for challenging conditions on Earth and in space. My special interests lay in research and design facilities for severe climate conditions and remote locations like Polar Regions or those that are exposed to extreme temperature swings, also focusing on confined habitats in third world countries with different cultures to improve habitants health and life quality.

The goal of my PhD study is to develop a design methodology adaptable to cultural, social and environmental conditions in extreme regions and remote locations based on several representative case studies.


Janek Ozmin

corner of our living room

Hi. This is the corner of my living room where I sat in a chair and took a self portrait of myself looking into the shiny black speaker. The speaker is also a stand for my yellow plastic lamp which I swivel over to the couch when I’m reading. Initially I was going to show you the portrait, which I like, but instead I have taken a photo of where I was sitting. The chair is now out of view and I have been replaced by an amplifier on a wooden box. The star stays up all year round because we never found another home for it, this is its second major relationship with a window.

I am a teacher and an architect in the process of starting research at Umeå School of Archietcture on the relationship between Industry, Occupation and Nature in Vasterbotten Northern Sweden. The draft title of the study is Dwelling in the Garden of Crisis.

ISSUU Publication: Less Acceptera is

Eunyoung Choi

eunMy on-going PhD research project at KTH is on the walkability of the built environment.

In 2012, I have published my Licentiate dissertation titled, “Walkability as an urban design problem: Understanding the activity of walking in the urban environment”.

I have been a PhD student at the School of Architecture KTH since 2009, and am now approaching the last stage of research project.

Before starting my PhD studies, I have studied in Korea, the Netherlands, and Sweden.



My name is Ingrid Allard. I am an engineer, with a master in Energy technology focused on energy efficiency, and a PhD student at the Department of Applied Physics and Electronics at Umeå University. I am participating in this course as a part of the cooperation between my department and Umeå School of Architecture, but also to get an insight in how architects work as a mean to connect my research more to the architectural part of buildings.

My PhD project is called Energy efficient dwellings of the future and is focused on cold climate and single family buildings. It will be a contribution to the debate on how to create sustainable dwellings for the future, facing the global environment issues and energy problems of today.

I have studied and lived in Umeå since 2006, but my home village is in the middle of Sweden, close to  Sundsvall. Apart from being a dedicated researcher, teacher and student, I am also a  freedom-seeking Parkour practicioner, a  devoted seeker of Quality and a radical dreamer.