The communication course is part of a series of four PhD courses developed in collaboration with the four-architecture schools in Sweden (www.resarc.se). Besides Communication the Swedish Research School in Architecture offers three other courses for PHD researchers: Tendencies, Approaches, and Philosophies.

The Swedish research school ResArc is a collaboration between the schools of Architecture at KTH, Chalmers, LTH, and Umeå University with the aim of strengthening architectural research, education and collaborative projects at national and international levels. ResArc was launched in February 2012 and is coordinated and administered by the Department of Architecture and Built Environment at Lund University. ResArc received funding from the Swedish Research council FORMAS 2011 in a total effort that also includes the two strong research environments Architecture in Effect and Architecture in the Making.

This year, curriculum 2018 – 2019, the ResArc Communication course is organized by the KTH, Stockholm, and will includes a third module in collaboration with Umeå University.

Course responsible and contact Meike Schalk (meike.schalk@arch.kth.se), and Roemer van Toorn (roemer.vantoorn@arch.umu.se). With the assistance of PhD candidate Vasily Sitnikov (vasily.sitnikov@arch.kth.se).

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