Olga Bannova


I am a PhD student at the Architectural department at Chalmers University and a researcher and teacher at the Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture (SICSA) of the University of Houston.

I conduct research and design studies that address planning analyses for a broad range of vehicles, habitats, and systems and based on multi-disciplinary approach including habitat concepts for extreme environments on Earth, inflatable and other deployable structures, and special design influences and requirements for challenging conditions on Earth and in space. My special interests lay in research and design facilities for severe climate conditions and remote locations like Polar Regions or those that are exposed to extreme temperature swings, also focusing on confined habitats in third world countries with different cultures to improve habitants health and life quality.

The goal of my PhD study is to develop a design methodology adaptable to cultural, social and environmental conditions in extreme regions and remote locations based on several representative case studies.