Janek Ozmin

corner of our living room

Hi. This is the corner of my living room where I sat in a chair and took a self portrait of myself looking into the shiny black speaker. The speaker is also a stand for my yellow plastic lamp which I swivel over to the couch when I’m reading. Initially I was going to show you the portrait, which I like, but instead I have taken a photo of where I was sitting. The chair is now out of view and I have been replaced by an amplifier on a wooden box. The star stays up all year round because we never found another home for it, this is its second major relationship with a window.

I am a teacher and an architect in the process of starting research at Umeå School of Archietcture on the relationship between Industry, Occupation and Nature in Vasterbotten Northern Sweden. The draft title of the study is Dwelling in the Garden of Crisis.

ISSUU Publication: Less Acceptera is