My name is Ingrid Allard. I am an engineer, with a master in Energy technology focused on energy efficiency, and a PhD student at the Department of Applied Physics and Electronics at Umeå University. I am participating in this course as a part of the cooperation between my department and Umeå School of Architecture, but also to get an insight in how architects work as a mean to connect my research more to the architectural part of buildings.

My PhD project is called Energy efficient dwellings of the future and is focused on cold climate and single family buildings. It will be a contribution to the debate on how to create sustainable dwellings for the future, facing the global environment issues and energy problems of today.

I have studied and lived in Umeå since 2006, but my home village is in the middle of Sweden, close to  Sundsvall. Apart from being a dedicated researcher, teacher and student, I am also a  freedom-seeking Parkour practicioner, a  devoted seeker of Quality and a radical dreamer.