Sepideh Karami

My name is Sepideh Karami. I am an architect and researcher currently carrying out my PhD research at Umeå School of Architecture. I graduated from Iran University of Science and Technology with an M.A. in Architecture in 2001. Since graduation I have been committed to teaching, research and practice. In 2010 I achieved my second master in “Design for Sustainable Development” at Chalmers University in Sweden and in mid 2010 I started to work as a guest researcher at Umeå School of Architecture.

My PhD research –In Search of Utopia in the Silent Rebellion– studies the relation between Formal and Informal worlds and Revolutionary Aesthetics. It investigates what forms of emancipation emerge in the encounter of formal and informal world and how practices of architecture enhance and mobilize these emancipating potentials through different forms of encounter, exchange and dialogue between social classes, to suggest a social and human alternative to the fragmented and segregated cities we are living in.